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Google Analytics Scheduled Reporting FINALLY Available

The much missed Scheduled Reporting capability of Google Analytics has FINALLY been implemented in New Google Analytics.

It is now (once again) possible to automatically send Analytics Reports to yourself or other members of your team from within Google Analytics. These reports can be set up to email at a variety of regularly scheduled times, including daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Reports can also be exported to PDF allowing you to save or share the insights you’ve found using Google Analytics.

This has long been a feature of Googl;e Analytics, but with the launch of the New version several months ago, the feature was not available… and it has taken some months to re-implement it.  This, more than any other feature was probably the biggest issue experienced Analytics users had with moving to the new version.

Where to find Email and PDF export
Look in the newly-redesigned Utility Bar located at the top of your favorite reports for Email and PDF Export options.

This functionality is available on standard reports, custom reports, and dashboards. Clicking on the “Email” button on a dashboard pulls up the same email scheduling dialog as in standard reports and offers the same feature set.

For those who have used the email scheduler in the old interface, this new emailer system operates independently and has enhancements in reliability and ease of use. We are putting the finishing touches on the look and feel of exported reports, and anticipate that these will be finalized soon.