Google Analytics Training Workshops - Brisbane & Australia

Analytics Training (Government)

Our Google Analytics training for Government is geared to departments with multiple websites that are predominantly content based.

We conduct group training on your premises or at our training centre if it is for multiple departments.

With agreement from participants, we use your own site to demonstrate techniques to:

  • Measure the users task completion
  • Compare the effectiveness of content sections and pages
  • Determine which keywords are bring used to get to the site and whether these match site content
  • Setup tracking of downloads and external links
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of tracking and measuring campaigns
  • Track and measure dropouts from defined processes such as license applications or grant submissions
  • Identify common landing page and pathways through sites in order to optimise and improve for the user
  • Methods to create rollup accounting, cross and subdomain tracking

You will receive custom workbooks for your department and a full setup of Google Analytics.